About Pacifico’s Fine Foods

Pacifico’s Fine Foods is located on bustling Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and it takes its name from the original carnival food stand started by Shanna Pacifico’s parents. The menu is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. Just minutes away from Brooklyn Museum and the Barclay’s Center, Head Chef and co-owner, Shanna Pacifico draws inspiration from cuisine from around the world to create each dish with passion and care. Her Brazilian-American heritage, the food she prepared while traveling through Spain and Portugal, and traditional South American fare all influence Pacifico’s culinary explorations.

 At Pacifico’s, we are committed to using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This allows us to support New York farms while ensuring that every meal comprises the freshest ingredients. The closer to home, the better— we make our own pickles and chips in-house and our sea salt is dried on a rooftop in Manhattan. Our ceviche changes daily, always made with locally caught fish.

Just as our choice of ingredients is treated with care, so are our guests. We offer a warm dining experience. From welcoming smiles, to the fresh flowers on each wooden table, to the amber glow of candles and Edison light bulbs, we want you to feel at home in our cozy neighborhood restaurant.