Every duck part is an excellent investment. Not a single part will be left behind. Every part can create its own magic. Restaurants that offer duck dishes use both family and unfamiliar duck parts.

Duck has taken on life in all forms on restaurant menus. They can be roasted and paired with things such as root vegetables and berries. Duck breasts are made into salty prosciutto and sausages. However, despite this, duck is hardly a mainstream household food. For many home cooks, duck is an appealing idea; however, a hassle to make. Indeed, it is usually a disappointment in homes, especially most cook roasts duck like a chicken. While the duck skin browns and cooks through, it is as hard as leather. It is important for the duck to be treated differently to get the meat tender and moist, with the skin being thin and crisp.

Getting the Most Bang

But, many people don’t really care much about ducks for some reasons. Duck is really expensive and has a thick layer of solid fat. The skin of a dick is around a third of an inch thick. Plus a whole duck can feed only 2-3 people. However, duck is delicious and should deserve a spot in your kitchen. All of a duck’s parts deserve to be tackled with. When cooking with duck, you want to get the most bang for your duck. You can achieve this by making the most of all duck parts without wasting anything and using every part for what is best suited. Once you learn to use all parts of the duck, you will realize how cost-effective ducks are.

For instance, you can use the duck liver to make a smooth duck liver mousse. To make this just throw in broiled liver, shallots, naturally smoked turkey breasts, duck fat, ground peppercorns, a splash of brandy, and a splash of canned coconut milk in the food processor. Process them until perfectly smooth. Moreover, when you roast a duck, you can end up with up to three cups of pure duck fat. You can store this fat in a glass jar and use it on chopped liver, on an omelet, rice dishes, and mashed potatoes. Find an awesome roasted duck recipe here.

Enjoying the Taste and Nutrition

A roasting chicken is around $1.39 per pound while a duck is $2.99 per pound. However, aside from being fattier, duck is red meat. It comes with deep, rich flavour which can be served well done or rare. As its skin is lined with a healthy layer of fat, it can be crisp in a way a lean chicken cannot be.