Berries are a delicious part of any diet and have been considered super foods because of the huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain. Usually, berries are available both fresh and frozen; however, consumers realise that the frozen versions are often a healthier choice. A lot of people think that fresh is best but in terms of berries, the frozen version has a higher concentration of nutritional elements and are usually spared from the significant amounts of pesticides used on fresh berries in supermarkets.

Below are the reasons frozen berries are usually better than fresh berries:

They Maintain their Nutrient Levels

A lot of studies show that frozen berries from a frozen blueberries supplier in Canada have the same nutritional elements as fresh berries. But, most fresh berries readily available to consumers when in season are days past harvest when they arrive in the market. This is because they may have to endure many days of travel to make it to their final destination. Thus, they lose some of their nutrients concentrated when they were picked. But, frozen berries are nearly always fresh the same day they are harvested because the freezing process maintains the fruits’ optimal nutrition levels for months.

They are Less Exposed to Chemicals than Fresh Berries

Just like a lot of crops, berries that are commercially grown are usually exposed to some pesticides. Often, commercial farms specialise in growing berries sold fresh or frozen. Sometimes, farms grow both; however, they designate and grow the crops separately from each other. Berries grown to make into frozen fruits are exposed to lower amounts of pesticides than the berries that will be sent to the grocery store fresh. This is because fresh berries should maintain a good look for days or weeks while being transported and sold to consumers. For this, they need to be applied with huge amounts of chemicals before and after harvest.

They are Available Year Round

Consumers can buy frozen berries at any time of the year. These berries are usually less expensive than fresh berries. This means that consumers do not have to wait for the berry season to enjoy a delicious berry-based treat. Frozen berries can be added to smoothies to cool consumers down in a hot summer day or used a topping for oatmeal for a satisfying winter morning. The availability of frozen berries year round makes it possible for consumers to continue to experiment with berries and their potentials.