There are a number of tools that have come out over the years that call themselves the best pizza cutter. If you are the type of person that regularly makes pizza at home or cuts up pizza for a restaurant, you need to have tools on hand that can make short work of a pizza. Here are some of the best pizza cutters that professionals are using worldwide:

Rocking pizza cutter:

A rocking pizza cutter has become one of the most popular ways to cut a full pizza quickly. It’s often what’s available in many restaurants. This pizza cutter looks like a very long knife blade that’s curved in the middle. By gripping both the handles, you can cut down into the center of the pizza and then rocking the knife edge back and forth to create a cut. You then just turn the pizza cutter 90° rocking it back and forth, then at 2x 45° angles to cut most pizzas.

Rolling pizza cutter:

Rolling pizza cutters are some of the most popular items to cut your pizza at home. This circular blade affixed to a wheel can be rolled across the pizza surface. Rolling cutters work like a knife edge that you just roll across the surface of the pizza. They come with a one-handed grip for quick passes.  A rolling pizza cutter can be much more simple than using a knife to cut your pizza.

Pizza shear:

These scissors are designed with the perfect slice size. They both lift and cut chunks out of the pizza for a perfect triangular slice. You can just move the scissors around the outside of the crust to get perfectly even slices. This is a more time-consuming method but it makes for a perfectly cut pizza.

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