People in the northeastern part of Canada partake in sugar shacking every year. Are you wondering what a cabane à sucre or sugar shack is? If so, you also want to know what happens at these festive events. Read on to know what to expect when you take part in sugar shacking:

Sugar shacks are famous in the northeast because of the abundance of nature. Sugar maple trees tend to thrive in cold winters and for the sap to flow in the spring, the trees require cold nights and warm sunny days. This is what Quebec has. Did you know that Canada produces 80% of h pure maple syrup in the world? Also, Quebec produces 90% of Canada’s production.

A Bit of History

Indigenous people made maple syrup every spring that they can use as a high-caloric food to help them get through the cold months. Using the technology they had access to, settlers improve on the primitive process of tapping maple trees and making maple sugar. Making crystallised maple sugar is the method used for conserving the sap.  They broke the sugar down into slices and melted and shaved it directly over dishes.

Delicious Treats at a Sugar Shack

When you visit sugar shack, expect to have a taste of maple syrup. All foods there are drowned in the syrup. A meal at a sugar shack is a big affair and you need to be prepared to indulge in a rich, mouth-watering, maple-laden meal which will leave you feeling full and satisfied. If you want to make it to the end of the meal, make sure to pace yourself. Focus on eating small quantities of every dish and avoid filling up on bread.

Every meal at a sugar shack begins with a hearty bowl of yellow pea soup that is flavoured with a ham hock. Often, it is followed by a range of traditional savoury dishes like an omelette, baked ham, sausages, baked beans, tourtière, and more. These dishes are either cooked with maple syrup or dowsed in it. Desserts that sugar shacks serve include maple donuts, maple sugar pie, and other sweet stuff.

Other Things to Do

What to do at a sugar shack besides eating depends on the shack you choose to visit. A lot of shacks in Quebec are small to medium-sized, though some of them are bigger commercial spaces. Typically, you can do activities such as horse or tractor-drawn wagon rides throughout the tapped maple trees or property. Also, you can walk and hike in the woods.